Who We Are...

Erik Molstad
Vocals, Synth, Programming & Percussion

Brian Molstad
Guitar & Backing Vocals

Paul Duquesnoy
Synths & Samples

Sean Behling
Tenor Sax & Effects


In 1881, rock, electronic and hip hop fuse together into Electro Funk Rock. Mix the groove of Crystal Method, the eclectic power of Faith No More, and the deep swirling tones of Morphine and you get an idea of 1881's infectious sound. 1881's shows are addictive and unforgettable which is why the group was nominated for a 2001 WAMI award. Blazing ahead ever since, 1881 always remains true to the music and true to its fans.

1881 has invaded many venues, including: Shank Hall, The Globe, G Daddy's BBC, The Rock Shop, Thai Joe's, Reed St. Station, Points East, Cactus Club, and others. They have done shows with the likes of Pet Engine, Exit, La Makita Soma, Oh My God, Way To Fall, and Dorian Gray. The band has also achieved frequent radio airplay and Internet streams.

1881 is spawned from the creations of singer/songwriter, keyboardist, and award-winning remixer Erik Molstad and his twin brother, guitarist Brian Molstad. The twins have collaborated musically since their childhood in various bands. In '99, the twins brought in Paul Duquesnoy, an innovative, Milwaukee-established techno artist for his hard-edge electro/drum 'n bass rhythms, samples, and soundscapes. And just recently, 1881 has welcomed tenor sax player/composer Sean Behling of Minneapolis group Test Type Trio into the band. His soulful sax sounds and skilled electronic music production is taking 1881's sound to new heights.

Latest News

July 2009: "Hypno" was placed in a promotional video for Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, PA. The video was designed by 1881's Paul Duquesnoy. Watch it here.

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